(C) 2021
post black (Argentina)

ENFILADE "This same skull"
(C) 2017
death/doom (Russia)

BLACK GALE "A world without a past"
(C) 2021
doom/death (Ukraine)

DYING IN SILENCE "Nomen meum/Glut"
(C) 1997
doom/death (Germany)

THE LIQUESCENT HORROR "So unravels this mortal coil"
(C) 2005
ambient funeral doom (USA)

Silent Time Noise Records present:

[STNR-37] RIGOR SARDONICOUS "Ridenti mortuus"
extreme funeral doom/death (USA)
(C) 2018

  At this EP the band demonstrates the characteristic and recognizable apocalyptic doom inherent in their work. This release contains tracks from splits and singing as bonuses.

[STNR-38] SOLAUTUMN "Under the sky of a dying heaven"
atmospheric funeral doom/death (Italy)
(C) 2018

  The debut album of the Italian project is a mix of atmospheric doom/death and funeral doom. For fans of SHAPE OF DESPAIR, DRACONIAN, SWALLOW THE SUN etc.

[STNR-39] SOLAUTUMN "Autunnaria"
symphonic funeral doom (Italy)
(C) 2020

  The 2nd album is more funeral than the previous. "Autunnaria" is a hymn to the autumn that the world is experiencing, a phase of decline that will lead us into a long and cold winter, where individuality and human solitude will be at the highest levels.


[STN-148] CUMDEO "My angel"
gothic doom/death (Russia)
(C) 1997

  The 1st demo previously released only on cassette by Russian label Rest In Peace Prod. Specially for this release the new artwork.